Accounting, taxes & coaching for dentistsMade simple.

Providing expertise for your dental practice

Managing a dental practice today is more complex than ever. Getting new patients, corporate dentistry competition, insurance company reimbursements and office operation issues are just a few of the challenges plaguing dentists today.

So you probably already know that a good CPA should be your principal advisor on anything financial within your practice. But did you know that there are “Dental” CPAs who focus on your unique needs? 

What is a Dental CPA?

A Dental CPA can help you analyze the financial health of your practice, find ways to minimize taxes, structure best practices based on other successful dental practices, and make informed decisions that are specifically related to dental offices. 

Reasons to consider a Dental CPA

It is important that your CPA is a good match for your practice as your most trusted advisor. Here are some reasons to consider:

  • Proactive Advice

  • Dental Specific Expertise

  • Responsiveness

  • Outsourced Accounting/Payroll - For the Dental Industry 

  • Practice Success Program (see below)

  • Comprehensive Best Practices/Reporting

  • Strategic Tax Planning & Compliance

  • Practice Management Consulting

Practice Success Program

Our Process - Solutions Management - Strategy, Management & Service

  • Proactive Business Success Planning – Unlock the true potential of your business by creating an optimized action plan for what you need to focus on and having accountability to keep you on target to meet those expectations.

  • Proactive Financial Success Plan – Having a plan in place to reach your goals and having a trusted advisory team to actively work with you on achieving and benchmarking those goals.

  • Net Worth Analysis- Knowing where you stand financially in an objective and quantifiable way.

  • Financial Analysis (CFO Overview) – Gain a clear and accurate reflection of where your business stands and what the data actually means.

  • Proactive Tax Planning – Being in control of your tax situation through proactive and ongoing planning (less waste and uncertainty).

  • Preparation & Filing of State & Federal Returns – Peace of mind knowing that your compliance work is being done professionally.

  • Ongoing Progress Review and Action Planning – Always know what priorities to work on, and in what order, for the best results. You will meet with your advisory team regularly to define an action plan and the team will help you execute it over time so you know your efforts are always focused on the right things.

  • Unlimited Access to Your Advocate – No barriers between you and your advisors. Knowing that you have someone in your corner who is invested in your success by working along side you to reach your goals. Inclusive monthly billing package that includes phone calls, meetings, and consultations (no nickel and dime charging).

Here’s what you can expect when you’re enrolled in the program

  • Proactive meetings from your WCPA team

  • Recommendations with specific data or actions

  • Unlimited access to your advisor